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First Regional workshop organized by AKAZUM

On 10 and 11.12.2015 was held the first regional workshop on "Challenges in the accreditation process" in Skopje, organized by the Agency for quality and accreditation of healthcare institutions in the country.

The workshop was focused primarily on presenting the accreditation process for the participating countries and the discussion of topics related to the accreditation process with the representatives of the participating countries.

The workshop started with the registration of the participants of the workshop. Part of the guests also contributed to the workshop, such as the representatives from Macedonia and also representatives from abroad: Sebastien Audette, CEO of Accreditation Canada International, Katarina Tarasova, Head of Department at Accreditation Canada International, Ivan Svajger, Director of the Croatian Agency, Carmen Hadric - Kostrencic, senior associate at the Croatian Agency, Mirela Cela, Director of the National Centre of quality, safety and accreditation of healthcare institutions in Albania, Vilma Qatipi, representative of the National Centre of Albania, Ahmed Novo, Director of the Agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina , Sinisa Stevic, Director of the Agency of the Republic Serbia and Ivana Kovacevic - Bulatovic, Montenegro.

The workshop was attended by the staff from the Agency for quality and accreditation of healthcare institutions in Macedonia, the first group of external assessors and numerous representatives of the country: Nasuf Ipcija State Secretary of the Ministry of Healthcare, Nikola Jankulovski Dean of the Medical Faculty, Alexander Mitov advisor to the Prime Minister, Prof. Dr. Koco Chakalarovski President of the Medical Chamber of Macedonia, Goran Dimitrov President of the Macedonian Medical Association, representatives of the Medicines Agency, a representative of UNFPAM, Snezana Bojchin, a representative from the Association of patients and other representatives from various institutions.

The training began with an opening speach by Nasuf Ipcija, State Secretary of the Ministry of Health, who welcomed the participants and supported the holding of such an event which is important for the healthcare quality. Its address had prof. Dr. Nikola Jankulovski, Dean of the Medical Faculty, who said that the cooperation between the Faculty of Medicine and the Agency for quality and accreditation of healthcare institutions in Macedonia aims to achieve maximum at educating of the external evaluators and to get highly standardized parameters in the functioning of healthcare facilities. This will allow changes to be made in the implementation of health care in the country.

Prof. Jankulovski stressed that the event is organized at the highest possible level and that this serious moment of granting certificates of external assessors will play the most important role in the accreditation process. He pointed out that the Medical Faculty will support everything in the service of improving health.

Welcoming speech was also held by Prof. Dr. Elizabeta Zisovska, Director of AKAZUM, which marked the opening of the first regional workshop on the topic of "Challenges in the accreditation process" and followed up information that this is a solemn moment of licensing the first group of external assessors. She noted that the curriculum is accredited by the Medical Faculty. Prof. Zisovska explained that she expects the workshop to address the problems that the Agency is facing in its work and that the experience of the prominent foreign agencies such as Accreditation Canada International is welcomed.

The second day was held around a table discussion where they have reviewed in detail the various issues related to accreditation, advantages and disadvantages of the two models-mandatory versus voluntary accreditation scope of primary or secondary care. During the extensive discussions the directors of the regional agencies and other participants came to the conclusion that there are many similarities in the systems of health care, the mindset of health workers and health education of the population, with minor differences and specificities, and the purpose of the accreditation process is the same only for this region but also globally. As a final product of this professionally successful workshop was a Statement of Understanding and Collaboration which was signed by the five directors of the regional agencies (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska and Macedonia).

The workshop was regarded as a pleasant meeting of like-minded people with a common goal-to improve the quality of health care of the population in countries where it comes from. Support for logistical and technical aspect was offered by the International Agency for Accreditation Canada, which have a very successful cooperation with the countries of the European Union.

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