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Participation in the Congress for performance and quality in healthcare - Antalya. R. Turkey

In the period from 01.03.2016 to 04.03.2016, in the Republic of Turkey in Antalya, the Ministry of Health of Turkey organized the "6th Congress of performance and quality in health care."

At the invitation of the organizer, the Agency was for quality and accreditation of healthcare institutions of the Republic of Macedonia was represented by Prof. Dr. Elizabeta Zisovska, Director of AKAZUM and Lirim Isahi, associate.

The Congress, which was held under the working title "Quality, technology and cooperation in the clinical processes," was intended to allow sharing of knowledge in order to improve the quality of management of clinical processes and to find solutions for the delivery of health services within the teamwork and coordinated cooperation. With lectures in the Congress participated experts in the field of quality in health care, professors, healthcare managers of the Republic of Turkey as well as representatives of international organizations that have focused their activities to improve the issues in the quality of health care and patient safety (as WHO, ISQ-ua, etc.).

 The Director of AKAZUM Prof. Dr. Elizabeta Zisovska also participated with a lecture within the professional part of the Congress. The lecture explained in an comprehensive and concise way the need for a systemic approach in treating problems of improvements in the quality in the healthcare and in that context the need for establishing and strengthening the capacities of AKAZUM. Prof. Elizabeta Zisovska also pointed out, all the circumstances and difficulties that the Agency encountered since the beginning of its formation, and elaborated the challenges, goals, vision and the mission of this institution in the future, and the results achieved so far.

During the Congress, the Director of AKAZUM Prof. Elizabeta Zisovska, realized several bilateral meetings with representatives of various international and domestic organizations and institutions, representatives from the Quality Department in the Ministry of Health of Turkey and representatives of the newly established Agency for accreditation of HCI of Turkey. In talks that were held in a friendly atmosphere, it was ascertained the good cooperation between the institutions so far, and was expressed the mutual readiness to deepen further cooperation.

Especially constructive and effective were the meetings with representatives from ISQ-ua, Mrs. Jan Mackereth-Hill, manager of the  ISQua accreditation, as well as a member of the Board for Accreditation of ISQ-ua, Mr. Kumar Rana. On the meeting held by prof.Zisovska, was presented the work of AKAZUM, and our aspirations to strengthen the accreditation standards and training programs provided by the ISQ-ua, after AKAZUM joined ISQ-ua. Representatives of ISQ-ua, expressed their support and willingness to cooperate with AKAZUM in our efforts to realize our efforts for accreditation.

A special meeting was organized with the representative of WHO, Prof Dr Liane Ginsburg, and was discussed the need for closer coordination of the activities of AKAZUM with recommendations from the WHO, the preparation and implementation of the strategy with whom AKAZUM intends  to improve the quality of health care and improve the patients safety in the health care services.

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